Bill Huang, 黄晓庆

Commissioner Bill Huang is the founder and CEO of CloudMinds where he is implementing a vision to provide households around the world with cloud base intelligent robots to accomplish various tasks and free up valuable time for families. Prior to starting his new venture, Commissioner Huang served as the General Manager of China Mobile Research Institute, where he directed the technology roadmap for the world’s largest network operator during a period of dramatic transformation. Earlier in his career he served as the CTO of UTStarcom where he pioneered advances for more intelligent and more capable networks. He served as the CTO of the Joint Innovation Lab, which provided a platform to facilitate the ease of developing mobile applications across the industry. Commissioner Huang continues to attract highly innovative and highly motivated scientists and entrepreneurs to harness the emerging opportunities of the mobile Internet.

GIIC Citation


The GIIC recognizes Bill Huang for his championing of new technologies at the core of information infrastructure, foundational role in advancing the capabilities of the world’s high-speed mobile networks, including mobile soft switch development, and disproportionate influence on the mobile infrastructure for the largest netizen population in the world.

By The Numbers


(inaugural) selection for the prestigious 1,000 Talents Program in 2008


patents filed


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