Xiaodong Lee

Commissioner LEE Xiaodong is the CEO of CNNIC, the “.CN” registry. He also holds the positions of Research Professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Vice Chairman and Executive Director of China National Engineering Laboratory of Internet Naming and Addressing Technologies. Commissioner LEE served as the VP-Asia for ICANN. Commissioner LEE led the construction of many critical projects for China’s Internet infrastructure, including the global service platform for national domain name system, data backup centers, and a monitoring and analysis platform. He has also led the development of several international technology standards in the fields of domain names and email. Commissioner LEE has been honored as both a “Ten Outstanding Youth” in China’s software industry and with the prestigious “Outstanding Youth Medal of China”. Dr. LEE is member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group of the Internet Governance Forum, the Security and Stability Advisory Committee of ICANN and the Global Agenda Council of World Economic Forum.

GIIC Citation

The GIIC recognizes Xiaodong Lee for his central role in the construction of the Internet in China, for his Internet administrative experience for the largest netizen population in the world, and for his disproportionate influence on Asia’s emergence as an equal in global Internet policy discussions.

By The Numbers


to initiative Internet Governance research in China


honored as one of China’s “Top Ten Youth in the Software Industry

700k-300x63netizens supported in China with Internet infrastructure.

Policy Contributions

Commissioner contributions are shown in the context of the 8i Framework.

8 Ingredient (8i) Framework of Information Infrastructure










“Dr. Lee has an impressive history of achievement, and respect for him reaches far beyond China’s borders.”

Rob Beckstrom

President & CEO, ICANN (2009-12)