Insights written by our commissioners.

Why Student Data Privacy Matters

Data about students and their on-line activity affects what they see on the Internet, and can have far-reaching implications on decisions made about them and their future. Commissioner Marsali Hancock identifies the need to “educate the educators” on their obligation to protect this information - an obligation they may not be aware of.

Using The Internet To Feed People

Hunger is the most important problem the world consistently faces on a day-to-day basis. Yet while the Internet continues to expand its role in connecting our planet, it has still fallen short of making one important connection: hungry people with food that is wasted. Commissioner Radzi Mansor calls attention to the need to use the Internet for the world’s biggest problem.

The Digital Ocean: Our Next Information Frontier

Oceans make up most of our world, are vital to mankind’s survival and are by all accounts an underutilized resource. With a frank assessment of the needs and opportunities, Commissioner Gary Gysin appeals to stakeholders around the world in this call to action to build out the oceans’ information infrastructure, starting now!

Conquering the Last Mile

Broadband access is central to the economic development of communities around the world. With a renewed focus on this priority in the U.S., Commissioner Bob Nichols places his message on the dime in this article that outlines how to get the remaining 10% served with high-speed Internet.

A Digital Canal is Mesoamerica’s Best Path to the Future

Central America is at a critical juncture regarding its participation in the digital revolution. In November 2016 several Commissioners convened in San Jose, Costa Rica to engage ministers from the region on this issue. In this article, Commissioner Andrés Ruzo presents a vision to propel the region forward to a more active role in 21st Century economic development.

A Collision of Expectations

Global information infrastructure advances are made not only in the context of the hard limitations of physics, but also in the context of complex political agendas. Commissioner Seng elevates the understanding of a fast approaching collision that will have certain effects of technology as well as other international trade.

A Value Proposition for Everyone

A mobile phone is a popular thing for a person to have . . . almost as popular as a new mobile phone. So what happens to the old phones when you get a new one? Commissioner Biju Nair makes a compelling case for the re-use of these devices that advances GIIC’s objective to bridge the digital divide.

Guardians of Global Connectivity

While the Internet is not up there with air, water and food on the list of essentials for human survival, it has become extremely important in our lives, and is certainly vital for economic growth and stability. Indeed, a loss of the Internet on a wide scale for any substantial period of time would have a devastating impact on the world as we know it.